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Prison Sentence Calculator

Prison Sentence Calculator


Jail Sentence Calculator


The “Year” field indicates the number of years the individual has been sentenced to serve in prison. Enter the number of years provided in the sentence, if applicable. This duration forms the basis for calculating the overall sentence.


The “Months” field specifies the additional months beyond whole years included in the sentence. Enter the number of months if the sentence includes a partial year. This value contributes to refining the accuracy of the sentence calculation.

Days Credited

The “Days Credited” field represents the number of days deducted from the total sentence duration due to factors such as pre-trial detention, time served awaiting trial, or other forms of credit. Enter the credited days, if any, to adjust the overall sentence.

Good Behavior (Months)

The “Good Behavior (Months)” field denotes the reduction in sentence duration granted for displaying positive behavior while incarcerated. Enter the number of months credited for good behavior, if applicable. This factor influences the final sentence calculation.

Offense Type

The “Offense Type” field distinguishes between felony and misdemeanor offenses. Felony denotes serious crimes, while misdemeanor represents less severe offenses. Select the appropriate option based on the nature of the offense to ensure accurate sentence calculation.


The “Violence” field indicates whether the offense involved acts of violence or physical harm. Select “Yes” if the offense included violence, otherwise select “No”. This factor influences the severity of the sentence and addresses safety concerns.

Sex Offense

The “Sex Offense” field signifies whether the crime involves sexual misconduct or assault. Choose “Yes” if the offense is related to sexual activities or assault, otherwise select “No”. This factor influences the type and duration of the sentence.

Parole Eligible

The “Parole Eligible” field determines if the individual is eligible for early release from prison under supervision. Select “Yes” if parole is possible, otherwise select “No”. Parole eligibility affects the overall sentence and post-incarceration planning.

Year of Sentence

The “Year of Sentence” field indicates the calendar year in which the sentence was imposed. Enter the year of the sentencing to calculate the release date accurately. This information ensures precise calculation of the sentence duration and release date.